The highly prized walnut table
Are you looking for a new table for your living room, your dining room or your bedroom? Walnut tables are one of the wooden table options available. Similar to reclaimed oak, walnut can be made as classic or modern as you like, which means you can use walnut in a rustic farmhouse-style living room or in a modern urban condo. Enjoy meetings with your family and friends with a walnut table made in a traditional and sustainable way.

Imagine chatting around the coffee table or enjoying a delicious meal at the dining table for the day or during special meetings.

The walnut wood

Walnut wood is considered one of the best woods, especially in Europe. They have very characteristic and appreciated tones and veins. In addition, it is very easy to work with and supports any type of finish very well.

Characteristics of walnut

- Its characteristic color, between reddish and dark brown, makes it incomparable. The color varies from one species to another. This is also affected by the region where the tree grows. Even a single tree can have a wide range of wood colors.

- Walnut wood is considered one of the most resistant to the passage of time. Its heartwood (wood that it finds occupying the central part of the trunk) can last for a long time even under conditions unfavorable to its conservation.

- Walnut can be processed very easily with hand tools and machine tools. The polish is the best finish shown, and is very conducive to this. It also absorbs paint very well, although it dries a little slowly.

- In terms of strength, it is considered a medium density wood, of solid and robust construction. It is not very rigid, ductile, resistant to rotting and has an impact and bending resistance in the average of the rest of the woods. Its properties make the treatment and finishing of wood almost perfect, in addition to being very easy to work with and having a beautiful grain.

Why choose solid walnut tables?

Unique: Each walnut table has unique characteristics that make it one of a kind: You will never find two identical pieces.

Solid and durable: The solid wood tables in your home can withstand the wear and tear of normal daily use and with sufficient care for the wood, the tables will age gracefully and prove to be a timeless piece.

Easy to maintain and clean: Generally a solid material to work with, walnut tables require a minimum of maintenance to maintain their quality. Regular wiping with a damp cloth will do.

What wood oil for walnut tables?

To oil a walnut table, it is recommended to use a special oil for solid wood. These types of oil have been tested and do not damage the surface.

How often should a walnut table be oiled?

As with other dining tables, the surface of a walnut table is emphasized by daily use. However, with the right surface protection, such loads are not a problem for solid wood. The question of whether you should provide your dining table with a new protection depends essentially on the degree of use. Typical indicators here are a dull surface or rough spots.

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