The acacia tables
The table is a traditional piece of furniture in the dining room, so it must be made of a solid natural material. For those who appreciate furniture not only for its extravagant design, but also prefer high quality, you should buy an acacia table to refine the room where warm family gatherings take place.

Use of acacia for tables

Manufacturing tables in solid acacia wood makes it possible to obtain a high-quality final product. Acacia wood is very similar to teak, and is often recommended as a substitute due to the high cost of teak, but has a similar hardness and durability. The low moisture content of the wood greatly limits the shrinkage and warping that usually occurs in natural woods, which means that your solid acacia table can last for many years.

There is another major reason why you must love solid acacia wood tables - it's downright fascinating! The richness of its grain is like no other. Not only does it produce beautiful colorful patterns of golden honey with dark shades of dulce de leche, but it has an almost velvety touch to the touch.

Due to the strength and high hardness of this precious wood, the acacia table has excellent resistance to mechanical stress and abrasion of the surface, which allows your table to serve you for several years, acquiring a more expressive texture.

Why choose Acacia wood tables?


Acacia wood is easy to work with and hardens considerably after it dries. This makes it possible to make magnificent acacia wood tables: dazzling acacia dining tables and sophisticated side tables, all without sacrificing the high quality of furniture. Its maneuverability before drying also makes it possible to make very beautiful furniture.

In addition, the height of the Acacia varies from 2.5 meters (8 feet) to 25 m (82 feet). This makes it perfect for long rooms such as gathering or meeting tables.

Durability of acacia wood

Acacia has proven to be an extremely durable wood. Its density and hardness make it the ideal material for heavy-duty rooms such as dining tables. When properly maintained, these parts will last for decades.

Tips for the maintenance of your acacia wood furniture

How to care for acacia

The decision has been made, you have bought a solid acacia wood table! Excellent choice! Now that you have brought it home, however, you need to make sure that you care for it properly. Fortunately, it's very easy: just wipe it with a damp cloth, but make sure that your laundry is not soaked to give your table the longest possible life. There is no need for cleaning products! Since acacia wood is itself an antibacterial, your table will not need an antibacterial spray ; no need for window cleaner; no need for wood oils or conditioners! Never place hot objects directly on the surface, which is why it is advisable to use coasters or placemats.

Now that you know what acacia is and how to take care of it, there is no reason to prevent you from owning a beautiful acacia wood table that you can admire every day.

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