The tables in natural birch
Almost every room in our living rooms is equipped with a table - sometimes there is even more than one per room. The versatility of use and the loads that a table must withstand are sufficient reasons to ask yourself: what type of material do you want your table to be made of? Birch wood is a good choice for several reasons. (birch table)

Features of a birch table

The yellow birch and the sweet birch are two of the best known species, and although the yellow birch is a little harder, both have a hardness comparable to that of oak, walnut and other domestic hardwoods. Birch is workable and does not split or notch easily, two qualities appreciated by carpenters. Because it has a tight grain, it stains evenly, but its color turning yellow to tan looks attractive even without a stain.

The properties of birch wood

In cabinetmaking and furniture manufacturing, it is usually widely used, but always for interior elements. It is a wood with good durability but very little resistance to the humidity conditions that exist in outdoor spaces.

It is also a material that lends itself very much to handling, as it is processed both by machine and by hand with good results. It also takes the dye very effectively. For these reasons, in addition to being frequent in furniture, it can be seen in the most varied uses, such as plywood, toothpicks or even manufactures of all kinds.

Regarding its appearance, its tone varies between ivory white and brownish yellow. One of its characteristics that stands out the most aesthetically is the almost absence of streaks, which gives it a very special sense of uniformity and cleanliness. However, although it is not the most common, there are also varieties that have veins giving a certain drawing to the wood, but much less noticeable than in other types.

Types of birch wood

  • White birch
  • Yellow birch
  • Black birch

Birch wood and tables - a good combination

Birch wood is particularly appreciated in the main distribution area of Europe for the manufacture of furniture - and for good reason. Because birch wood is usually an excellent imitator of precious woods and slow-growing varieties such as mahogany, cherry or walnut.

Birch wood is particularly suitable for tables, because the surface (table top) is particularly important here; We often appreciate this as being particularly smooth and must accept the treatments well (impregnation, coloring, polishing). This is the case of birch wood. In addition, the wood of the birch has a uniform color (no color core formation), which is why it is good for furnishing uniformly designed living spaces. The color of the birch varies from whitish-yellow to reddish-brown ; a birch table brings a bright and warm touch to your dining room, office or living room.

A new table? Birch is suitable for all models.

You know for yourself how much the table is an indispensable piece of furniture. We eat, chat, play and work on it. The table serves us as a shelf or underlay, it forms the central meeting place of the house or assumes the role of communication center in the study or office. With a birch table, you make a wise and sustainable choice, whether it is a living room table, a kitchen table or an office.

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