Royal bois is a French company, specialized in the manufacture of epoxy resin tables


. Royal Bois

Artisanal manufacturing

We are a team with 4 years of experience in the design of river tables in epoxy resin.

Royal Bois has been around for more than 1 years.

The famous river tables (river table) are now experiencing a great craze. That's why Royal Bois exists, to allow you to customize your own epoxy resin table.

I am Eddy the creator of Royal Bois.

Our mission is to allow you to create your own table, with a design specific to your tastes and desires.

We are constantly in contact with our customers from the beginning of the table design, until the end. So that you have total satisfaction.

Royal Bois exists since September 2020. We are a French company.

Photo of the workshop :

Atelier Royal BoisAtelier Royal Bois

atelier royal bois