Table cleaning and maintenance

  1. To preserve the tabletop, it is important to take some precautions in its daily use.

  2. To clean the surface of the tabletop, you can use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth that has been slightly dampened (the use of harsh chemicals is not recommended).

  3. The tables should never be exposed to direct sunlight or be near a heat source.

  4. Sudden changes in temperature and too much or too little humidity can cause warping and cracking.

  5. Wet or hot containers should not be placed on an unprotected table. They can leave marks that are difficult to remove. We recommend the use of tablecloths and/or placemats and/or trivets.

  6. Do not use corrosive products or stain removers that could damage the surface.

  7. Protect the table from water - wipe up any water or liquid immediately with a dry cloth.

  8. Do not place hot, wet or very cold objects directly on the tabletop, such as pans. Use trivets or a tablecloth.

The advantage of a surface treatment with natural hardwax oil is the extremely natural and authentic look and feel of the wood surface, in contrast to the effect produced by other types of treatment (e.g. varnish) that seal and insulate the wood. In case of visible damage, the surface can be repaired in the damaged areas and then sealed with the maintenance products we recommend. If you have any further questions or need more information on table maintenance, we will of course be happy to help you.